Friday, June 12, 2009

Last First Date

Decades of learning.
A decade of growing.
Years of yearning.
A year of showing
some emotion to someone who might deserve it.
Tell them everything they want, they might have heard it.
All before I came along, doing my little dance,
singing my little song, if not hypnotic then just a trance,
all just for a chance, to show my true persona,
about how fun loving I am, and that I enjoy Corona.
I enjoy the chase, I love to race,
invade personal space, at a discreet time and place.

Months of anticipation.
A month of preparation.
Days on top of the world feeling alive.
A day I've been waiting for to finally arrive
is here now. No more excuses.
No more wasting time, let's see what it produces.
Walk through the door, you're standing to the side,
you watched the whole time, intrigued by my stride.
At first I was unsure that we'd even meet
it's been a long time, I'm unsure how we'd greet.

Hours of us together
A hour of nice weather
Minutes of conversation, we sat, had a laugh
A minute in the restroom, I had to retool my craft,
I stared a little bit, taken back by your beauty.
You recognized the emotion, you know you're a cutie.
We had dinner, even had the same plate.
I'm kinda happy we didn't wait until eight.
The sun has gone down, it's gotten kinda late.
My mind drifts for a moment, is this really fate?

Seconds of what a night, let's do it again, certainly.
A second of quiet looks, mumbles and uncertainty.
It was there for both of us, we both could feel it.
But we both had rules, for mine, my mind tried to appeal it.
You smiled, you know me well, threw up the roadblock.
I had to smile too, because if we did, would we stop?
Would time stop? Would the world quit turning?
For that one moment, while our passion was burning?
Alas, we walked away, for we both know what's at stake.
Don't know what's to come, but it could be our Last First Date.

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DopeAlicious said...

ahhh you're a poet as well. love it. and love this. very descriptive and i love the progression of it. i could visualize everything that happened, even down to the emotions in yours and her eyes. wonders what the rules are, and is this inspired by someone??


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