Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 174

30 posts in thirty days.

30 random facts about me.

Fun Fact #24: I <3 Gamer Chicks.

I do.

If you follow me on Twitter (and if you don't, for shame), you know that one of the people that I converse with is my big sister, my AZN HAX Ninja, Dioracat. She's a SRS (read: serious. Come on get with the lingo, people!) gamer, possibly more so than me.


Anyway, she's full of win, but she's not the only gamer girl in my life. My sister Jamie is also a big gamer, and while she's not as game savvy as she'd like to be, she can still whip anyone's ass in Kirby's Avalanche. Bet on that. My friend Torri and her sister Jenna are also gamer girls, with Torri being the adventure girl and Jenna being the FPS excellence gamer. One of my oldest friends, Kriss, plays RPG's like nobody's business. I won't go down the list of all the gamer girls I know (maybe because at the moment, I want to keep them to myself), but I will say this:

Gamer girls are full of win.

There is nothing sexier than a girl who knows her stuff about video games. A woman who can tell you everything about Resident Evil. A woman who knows all 96 exits in Super Mario World. A woman who could kick your ass in Tekken. A woman who has at least gotten to Mike Tyson, if not beat him. The only thing that's possibly sexier (to me) is a woman who knows her hip-hop. But that's another story.

Last night, I had a 3 hour conversation with Chesty McSparkles (her name, not mine). What started the conversation was she had a picture of a drink and she said that it healed for +500 HP and +75MP.

My nerd meter went through the roof.

Contrary to popular belief, there are gamer girls out there. They have their times where they play, and they have their genres that they are very serious about. They don't all play Cooking Mama or Bejeweled. They are not all goth chicks, emo girls or mousy women. I mean, the women that I've been speaking about are high end business women, web designers, HR operators, real estate agents, makeup artists. These women have families to take care of. They command respect and get respect. Their house is not some dank dungeon filled with cigarette smoke and closed curtains. They are not pale from lack of sunlight. They know how to interact with the opposite sex. Some are married, or on the way. Other have long lasting relationships with people. Their social skills do exist, and they are being used every day.

Oh, did I mention that all of these women are HAWT? They are not some pimpled face adult child with braces. They have the smarts and the looks. They have the careers and the respect. And they can play a good video game.

The Addiction confessed to me a while back that she LOVES Tetris. I could do nothing but jump for joy. Is it possible that I may have finally met my match in Tetris? (No.) She said that she likes video games, too. Not just girly ones, either. *swoons*

I would love nothing more than to find a woman who plays video games. It's not a deal breaker if they don't, but it helps a lot if they do. I play video games. They are a hobby for me, yes, this is true. Would I like to have someone who shares my hobby? Sure, why not? Is it a requirement? Heavens no. I like diversity in my relationships, and besides, I don't need a woman hogging up my play time when I do get it.

So, which one of you females is up for a good game of Street Fighter?

Fun Fact #24: I <3 Gamer Chicks.

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Jonquil Senice said...

i need to know what the true definition of a gamer is. i like some video games, not all. my all time fave is zelda (old, i know) but i like stuff like that. i used to be serious on the nintendo when that first came out and then i lost touch. hubby has a ps3 and i have no clue what kind of games i would like to personally have for it. he has rainbow 6 and sumn else

She Hate Me said...

Well, let me say this:

the fact that you are open to getting back into gaming and willing to learn makes you a gamer chick.

Women that bash us when we play, or have no idea about what we do and have no intention to learn, those are just regular women. Nothing wrong with that, just don't get mad when I play. LOL

Dioracat said...


Me >>>> other gamer chicks, except Shivvy.

However, as much as I love you guys, just being open to gaming does NOT make you a gamer girl. You have to actually play and love to play all types of games and have that be an actual hobby. I've met too many females who call themselves gamers but don't measure up to my standards. A guy who owns a Wii is not gonna be called a gamer, girls should follow the same standards of what constitutes a "gamer". Sorry.

She Hate Me said...

And I've just been checked. However:

Just because a guy buys a Wii doesn't automatically exclude them from being a gamer. He could just be a fanboy. I believe anybody who's a fanboy is a gamer, because you care enough to have thoughts on which system is the best, and purchase said systems. I also disagree on loving all types of games. I don't really like sports games, I only purchased Madden one time, that was the 2001 version and that was only because I had a fresh PS2. EA BIG has a nice line of extreme sports games that I liked, but I didn't get down with the genre as a whole.

Finally, you have to define your standards. I mean, you have to have a general consensus of what a true gamer is, not just what I think or just what you think, but the gamer population as a whole.

That being said, I was still wrong, and I apologize.

So, there you go, Angel D, I retract my previous statement.

And to my Big Sis, again, I apologize.

*bows down*

Flovvie said...

I got nosy lol.

So I'm quite frankly against the separation of gamers by gender, because when you play a videogame your genitals and cup size (chicktits or manboobs) doesn't really matter unless you use your boobs/dick to hit space - then it would matter.

There is no precise definition of gamer, but within the gaming community there's a general consensus of what would fall into that category. Then of course there are subcategories as well.

Different gamers prefer different types of games, and some play it to another extent than others. Some might just play a certain genre of games because that's the type of games they enjoy.

However, there's also the casual gamer group which generally doesn't classify as a gamer.
Why not? Can't I play Bejeweled or Diner Dash if I want to?
Sure you can, but to be considered a gamer, you would be expected to be exposed to different types of gameplay than just a single one.
Gamers also care about the culture, casual gamer don't give a fuck.

However, there's clearly a contradiction because the word "gamer" is still part of the label, but it's more of a label issue and not what the essence of the issue is.
OK, I wander off in my arguments.

There's also the sports games nuts who only play every goddamn sport title EA deliver yearly. And that's the only games they will ever play.

Again the thing here is that they're not interested beyond just spending a couple hours a week on a game as a way to past time. That is basically what I consider the basic requirement to be considered a gamer - just like anything else. It's like calling everyone a car expert because they drive a car.

So, which type of genre you like to play doesn't necessarily exclude you from being a gamer. Just because you play games 8 hours a day doesn't necessarily mean you are a gamer either, because my 54 year old mom who plays Bejeweled all day long would fall into that category. ;x

So if you like Zelda games (which by the way are good games ;O ), then you would be into the Action-Adventure games probably. Be curious, explore different games, try out demos, have an active mind about it, analyze what makes the game fun for you.

She Hate Me said...

One of the things that stand out in your comment, Flovvie, is this:

Gamers also care about the culture, casual gamer don't give a fuck.

Very true. Had I drawn from my own experiences of Hip-Hop, I would've seen that and answered accordingly.

Thank you and Big Sis for the insight.

TangoMega said...

Dude... best... blog... evah.

I was so tempted to post a pic of my girl and how hawt she is, she's a GamerChick in every definition. She doesn't blindly play whatever I play, she has her own opinions about her favorite games. She just bought the new Ghostbusters (not really high on my list, I'm preparing for the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic, and nothing is moving me until then), and she plays on her own.

I am most certainly marrying this girl, because she's planning 2 weeks away when SW:TOR releases to give me time to do my initial grinding, and how can you fault a woman that understands that first week of a new MMO? I got into the nastiest fight with my ex when "Galaxies" came out, replete with threats and suggestions of addiction help (which I wasn't addicted, I just would have rather explored the forests of Naboo than listen to her bitching), it was not pretty.

Thanks for the ode to Gamerchicks everywhere. And you've made me appreciate my Boo that much more.

-ere'bodeee's favorite mega, blogninja

Darius Sinclair™ said...



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