Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 154

30 posts in thirty days.

30 random facts about me.

I'm stepping away from the females (for just a moment) to talk about something close to me.

Fun Fact #4: Writing is very therapeutic for me.

I've been having a good time the past 2 weeks. Actually, things were better in the past 2 weeks than they were all year.

Today, it seemed like all of that came crashing down.

Word on the street is, my company has had a buyout. What that does for us employees has yet to be seen, but some people are afraid of a takeover and subsequent layoffs. I, for one, am not one of those people. However, I do share a concern of theirs, which is what's going to happen to the little folk after the signing of buyout.

That was at 9AM.

I then get some news from home that my grandfather is in the hospital. He awoke this morning with slight chest pains, and went to the emergency room. I normally don't talk about my family, simply because that's a sore spot for me. I love my grandfather, however, and I treat him with the utmost respect, so needless to say, I was a bit concerned.

Yeah, right. I was going out of my mind.

I left work at 12:30 PM.

After finding out that he's ok, that they just want to do some tests to make sure it isn't anything super serious, I calmed down and started back into a normal routine, well, normal for me, anyway. Remember me saying that I was a shameless flirt? Well, guess what. I did it again, only this time, my big sis pointed it out. At first, I was trying to justify my actions, and then I realized that it was futile, because I was flirting with reckless abandon. I felt kinda shitty, so I decided to fall back, only to have the person I was flirting with say some things that may suggest it wasn't so reckless after all.

That was around 5:30 PM.

Finally, about 6:30 PM, I get into it with The Addiction. I assumed something, she assumed it was something else. As Gemini's (both of us) we have our moments where we clash. Only problem is, unlike everyone else, when 2 Gems clash, it's always bigger than it really needs to be. So, we spent the last 2 hours arguing about what the problem is, and now, at 8:51 PM, she has ceased speaking to me, possibly for the night. I want to scream like a wounded bear, because while I shouldn't have assumed, she could at least say something to me. The Gemini Rollercoaster is not fun. Not at all. We are happy one moment, and extremely moody the next. Right now, I'm extremely moody. I'm feeding off of her emotions because she is my twin, so I feel what she feels. Some might say that me feeling what she feels is foolish (I'm looking towards the West Coast for that person), but hey, it's what I feel at the moment.

Or should I say, what I felt.

I've calmed down since I started typing this. Writing helps me to get out things that subconsciously I was thinking about, but never materialized vocally. I guess the biggest thing about today is that I learned that while flying high is wonderful, no matter how strong your wings are, you've got to come down sometime.

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DopeAlicious said...

i'm not sure of the details of your relationship with Ms. Gemini but I've been married for nearly 5 years and just know that sometimes you'll clash. it happens and ironically, it can help you grow. just be sure you talk and stay open to her, otherwise time will increase a small divide...

and i'm glad to hear via twitter that your grandfather will be fine...

and i understand feeling what another person feels because i am the same way. sometimes it can fuck me up, but all in all, nothing wrong with that

sometimes situations in life happen to slow you down and make u realize what ur next step should be and what's important...

Dioracat said...

Honestly though...who can say? My perceptions are definitely going to be different than almost everyone you know, which can be a bad thing. I can't say for sure that flirting is welcome at any given time. You know what MY deal w/ flirting is, or why on my end it makes me uncomfortable. But other people wouldn't, and so they think its welcome.

It was HARD to convey that in 140 characters so I'm sorry if it seemed like I was being harsh/judgmental 'cause you know I'm like Heavy D.

Ain't got nothin' but love for you!


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