Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 176

30 posts in thirty days.

30 random facts about me.

Fun Fact #26: I love a woman who's a good kisser.

*The following post has names that have been changed to protect the innocent... actually, they weren't innocent (they were VERY naughty), but the names will be changed anyway.*

March 3rd, 2009 @ 11:44 PM
Her: You kiss really well. REALLY well. Just saying.
Me: Oh really?
Her: LOL I have never kissed someone as passionate as you.
Me: Oh really?!?
Her: STOP! LOL I'm being serious.
Me: Ok, ok! Continue.
Her: You kiss... you kiss as if that kiss will be the last time you'll ever kiss me.
Me: You never know...

August 6th, 2007 @ 1:32 AM
Her: I was sitting here thinking and... WOW.
Me: What?
Her: Have you... have you taken kissing classes?
Me: LOL Are there even such a thing? And if so, no, why do you ask?
Her: Your kisses are intense. I'm drunk off of them. I still feel your lips on mine.
Me: I'm no expert kisser, I just kinda... close my eyes and go in. LOL
Her: You are... you are the most INTENSE kisser I've ever had the pleasure to kiss.
Me: Stop with all of that. I'm just me.
Her: I'm about to be a lush.
Me: Huh?
Her: You got me counting down the minutes until we kiss again, until I get drunk again. If you kiss like that, then I'll be drunk for a LONG time...

August 27th, 1999 approximately 8:30 PM
Me: So, did you enjoy our first date?
Her: I did! I was wondering if we could do it again.
Me: Sure we can.
Her: Listen, I don't want to be too forward, but I really like our time together.
Me: Me too.
Her: So, I'm thinking of locking you down.
Me: Locking me down. Really?
(She comes in close for our first kiss. We kiss for about 10 minutes)
Her: Damn. Mmm. Aren't you gonna invite me into your dorm room?
Me: Say what? I- I'm-
Her: If you can kiss like that, I want to see what else you can do...

3 different women. 3 different stages in my life.

In 1999, I met Eve. That was the conversation that we had after our first date to 4 Seasons down in High Point, NC. I wasn't ready to kiss her, honestly, I thought I would be a gentleman and wait until the second date. But she had some lips on her, and I wanted to find out how well she could kiss with them, so I was kinda glad she did kiss me. Good thing I popped some gum beforehand. I was young, and admittedly, I already knew how to kiss and kiss well. I learned to kiss from my babysitter. No lie. I was 12 and in NC. My aunt on my father's side didn't believe that I could be alone by myself, so she got the 16 year girl from next door to watch me while she was at work that summer. She taught me how to kiss, french kiss, the whole nine.

If I'm lying, I'm flying.

In 2007, me and Gina had gotten really close. I met her in 2001, and we had been friends for a while, but that year, we got extremely close. I felt a certain way about her, and for that moment, she felt the same way. So, I initiated that kiss. And we kissed. And kissed. And kissed. She was a good kisser, and I liked kissing her. So, for about 2 weeks, that's how we passed our time together. Kissing. That was nice. The conversation came from a series of texts we sent back and forth to each other.

The end of January, I met Captain Obvious. We clicked instantly. It was a spark between us, and it grew into a fire really quickly. We went out on a group date, and then she needed my help with something, so I went to her house. While there, we shared our first kiss... and second. And third. And so on. Our fire was white hot, and the fact that she knew how to kiss didn't douse the flames one bit. However, it wasn't to last, because we ran out of oxygen to fuel our fire. But it wasn't all bad, all the heat and pressure produced a diamond that I didn't know was there. That convo was also from texts. (One thing I DO like about T-Mobile, they save all your texts for up to 3 years.)

I love kissing. It's pleasurable, sexy, and most importantly, somewhat safe. I mean, yes, there are kissing diseases out there, but for the most part, it's better than having sex that first night. Also, you can forget someone you kissed faster than you can forget someone you gave it up to, so there's that plus as well.

Somewhere deep in my heart, I hope that the next woman that I share a first kiss with will be the last one I kiss for the rest of my life. There's just nothing like that first kiss, though. That first kiss sets the tone for the rest of the night/week/relationship.

From what I've learned though, the first kiss doesn't matter. Neither does the second or third. The last kiss is what's most important.

Fun Fact #26: I love a woman who's a good kisser.

P.S. If you pay attention well enough, and you think a little bit, you MIGHT know who I'm talking about. I doubt it, unless you are them, which in that case, hello, ladies!

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NaturallyAlise said...

ahhhhhhh, kisses. I love kissing... my last ex from 2 years ago was THE best kisser, in fact he was the first guy that actually REALLY courted me and for the first few months together all we would do is kiss, snuggle, and hug... it was special. all that kissing was just as exciting as sex later down the road, people forget that a developed passion makes all that extra a lot more fantastic later on.

gosh i love this series!

She Hate Me said...

Thank you so much for being a reader, love. It means a lot to me, really.

And yes, kissing does make the sex a lot better later on. *wink*


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