Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day 157

30 posts in thirty days.

30 random facts about me.

Fun Fact #7: I love to laugh. All the time.

So, me, my mother, and her boyfriend went out to see The Hangover. Don't worry, I'm not spoiling anything here.

Well, nothing of importance. The only thing I'll spoil is this.

You'll laugh.

A lot.

And if you don't, your humor button is broken. For real.

I dig comedies because they make something that could be totally uncomfortable, funny. Example: EuroTrip. The twins making out. That was uncomfortable, yet supremely hilarious. Or Zack And Miri Makes A Porno. The pullout. That's all I'll say about that.

People often ask me how old I am. I get it all the time, at work, from people at a gas station, clerks at the grocery store, I'm always asked how old I am. And when I tell them, they don't believe me. Yes, I'm 28. I know I look 18. How do I do it?

Laugh everyday.

No matter what you've got going on, take time out (15 minutes minimum) and laugh at something. Find a video on YouTube. Chuckle at the dude at work who can't get the copier to run correctly. Laugh when your boss trips over her feet. Find a good movie and laugh until it hurts. Then laugh more.

Sure, I'll probably have laugh lines when I hit 40, but they'll be well earned.

Just do something in your day to make you laugh, even if it's at yourself. I don't mean chuckle, either, I mean LAUGH. A breathtaking laugh, one that makes you hold your stomach. In the end, you'll remember the good times, the funny times, more so than the bad times.

To end, I will now be played off by the keyboard cat. Enjoy.

Fun Fact #7: I love to laugh. All the time.

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DopeAlicious said...

i get the age question all the time too for that very reason, and this is why we will get along very well in twitterland. i laugh all the time, over any and everything no matter how terrible it may really be. anyone around me has to be the same way. friendships with bitter, unhappy individuals have faded rather quickly in my life

and why did 'the hangover' have me in the mood for another seth rogan film??? love that dude and anything he is involved in

She Hate Me said...

I know! I want another Seth Rogan movie to come out, whether written by Judd or by Kevin, doesn't really matter which one.


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