Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 175

No picture.

No mention of his name. I don't want anyone saying I'm trying to gain in his loss.

But everyone knows who I'm speaking of. And my 25th fact is that I loved his music.


I'm not gonna name certain songs.

I'm not gonna say how I used to dance and sing all of his stuff, watched his videos, waited up that night when that 14 minute video debuted on FOX.

I'm not gonna say how, at my brother's wedding, my oldest brother and cousins and I all did THE dance. All of it.

I'm not gonna be sad.

I'm not gonna mourn his death.

I'm gonna celebrate his life.

My childhood was spent trying to emulate you. I did all the moves, knew all the dances. I saw all the videos. I listened to all the songs.

I, in my own way, loved you. I miss you already.

Fact #25: I loved his music.


P.S. No comments tonight. If you have something to say, get in touch with me and say it to me. Don't disrespect my thoughts and feelings on him, ok? If you feel a certain way, fine, go for it. But just know that my stand point is that I loved his music.


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