Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 160

30 posts in thirty days.

30 random facts about me.

Fun Fact #10: My mind is a random slot machine.

You never know what you'll get from me. Hell, I don't even know what I'll get from my mind until it kicks it out.

Talking to The Addiction tonight, she told me something very interesting. She said that I have a "beautiful mind. It's like your own universe."

Heh. I like that.

In my universe, there is no sleep. My mind never shuts down. I'm always thinking about something random.

Example: For this random fun fact, I had to start over a couple of times, because I didn't know what I wanted to write about. Then I found the topic, but the words wasn't coming like I wanted them to. Finally, I decided to have my readers (all 12 of you) to send me questions, and tomorrow, for my fun fact, I'll answer them. No matter what the question is, I'll answer.

It might be a joke, it might be a outright lie, but it'll be funny and sarcastic.

So, that's the assignment for tonight, people. I wonder if anyone will actually come up with something to ask me? I mean, I get hits to my site, but no one really leaves comments. I have lurkers, ghost readers, everything. I want some more commenters, dammit! I'm mad this song just went off. I think I'll repeat- wait, I like this next one, so never mind. Ok, Twitter is moving again, for a moment, it looked like everyone logged off. I had to go back and read what I just wrote and proofread, which I need to do better, I keep finding mistakes in my writing. I'm a little tired tonight. Why isn't she texting me back right now? Ok, I just erased what I was gonna write, because I think I talk too much about that subject. Someone is gonna ask me what that subject was. I think I'll answer truthfully. Maybe. Wow, it's harder to type a stream of conscience than to write one.

Ok, I'm done. I was trying to... wait. Whatever. LOL

There you have it. Fun Fact #10: My mind is a random slot machine.

If you're interested, come pull the lever. See what randomness I kick out to you.

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Malcolm Maximillion said...

I have a question....
Your name is She Hate Me....
Why does she hate you?

She Hate Me said...

Well, the "She" in my name isn't a real person, it's actually a personification of Love. For a while, I assumed that Love hated me, because every time I thought I found her, it was actually her cousin Lust.

That, and it's one of my favorite Spike Lee flicks.

DopeAlicious said...

"beautiful mind. It's like your own universe."

that is a very nice compliment and so befitting

sometimes you really are reading my mind because i wondered if it would be rude to request a particular post of you? lol wellll since you like to write about women, i would love to know why you gave them the nicknames that you gave them.

and yes, you are going to have to write about what 'that subject' was. you know you want to ;)

She Hate Me said...

Angel D, I will be more than happy to oblige.

As far as asking me to write a certain post, don't be afraid, I'm open, I'll write whatever you ask of me.

And tomorrow. Tomorrow, I will write about the subject I erased. Promise.


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