Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 137 (Schedule Change)

Mood: Awake

Mode: READY.

Thoughts: Shit, I'm awake.

At 3 AM.

It's cool... I just had my schedule changed from what I'm normally used to, to getting up and reporting to work at 4AM. Meh.

I find it refreshing, actually. I don't have to worry about trying to fight traffic, that's for sure.

But I do have to worry about getting that cup of coffee. LOL

Return to Saturn in 3 days. Get Ready.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Message left...

She told me she love me, I said she lies

She said how do you know

I said I saw it in your eyes

A couple of weeks ago was the first time

You already stole my heart, now you're committing another crime

Killing the one thing I don't have two of

Can't call the doc and order a new one

Get the broom and dustpan, sweep up the pieces

If this was a fight, let me tap out, you won

If there is a light, it's too far away

For me to see, this tunnel is too dark

Can't say I'll live another day

All I see is two contrasts that's too stark

You say you miss me, I shake my head no

You say you want to kiss me, I shrug and say so

What if you do, where does that place me

Am I your anchor, or do I lead you out to sea

Am I your Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now

Or Mr. Never Was, you tell me how

I can't seem to leave you alone

But when I call... you're never at home

Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 127 (Phone HAX)

Mood: Laughing, yet crying

Mode: We ain't never gonna make it.

Thoughts: Another one.

I'm not about to post them here. I don't even want then on the computer. Mr. Bad Boy himself and C Breezy might come pay me a visit. Chris might get here faster, he actually lives in VA.

But, I digress.

Ladies, we love you. Really. No matter how many men may act as if they want to be gay (and I partly suspect that they just haven't had any GOOD female loving), we really do love you wholeheartedly.

That being said...

You don't have to get nekkid in front of a camera phone. I mean, if you're with a dude, and he enjoys seeing you nekkid, then just be nekkid around him all the time. Don't go taking pictures because if the relationship falters, he's gonna get mad...

... and post them on the internet. And once they're there, those pics are there forever.

FOR-EV-ER. FOR-EV-ER. © Squints


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