Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 127 (Phone HAX)

Mood: Laughing, yet crying

Mode: We ain't never gonna make it.

Thoughts: Another one.

I'm not about to post them here. I don't even want then on the computer. Mr. Bad Boy himself and C Breezy might come pay me a visit. Chris might get here faster, he actually lives in VA.

But, I digress.

Ladies, we love you. Really. No matter how many men may act as if they want to be gay (and I partly suspect that they just haven't had any GOOD female loving), we really do love you wholeheartedly.

That being said...

You don't have to get nekkid in front of a camera phone. I mean, if you're with a dude, and he enjoys seeing you nekkid, then just be nekkid around him all the time. Don't go taking pictures because if the relationship falters, he's gonna get mad...

... and post them on the internet. And once they're there, those pics are there forever.

FOR-EV-ER. FOR-EV-ER. © Squints

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