Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 118 (The death of "Swag")

I should've played B.I.G.

No offense to Gravy, but I think I would've knocked that role out the park. Gravy did fine as an actor, but as B.I.G.? He was missing one thing and he tried to replace it with another.

"Heartthrob? Never. Black and ugly as ever, however, I stay Coogi down to the socks..." - The Notorious B.I.G.

Gravy tried to replace charisma with "Swag". Didn't work. B.I.G. never had swag, and he probably would've never tried to have it either; he didn't need it.

He had charisma. Any female that knew him would tell you that.

I'm charismatic to say the least. Charming at best. Ask any female that knows me. I know what to say, how to say it, how to get that initial giggle out of a female. I'll never win any beauty contests. I'll never end up as Creole Stallion's Hot Chocolate. And I'm cool with that. I've known that since middle school.

My brother will tell you, we never spit 'game'. Like my boy Micah said, "I don't have the patience to play games..." Not with female emotions, anyway. I play video games. More on that in another post. I never needed to, I know how to connect with a female without making them feel like I'm trying to get in their pants, even if at times, that was the ultimate goal.

"Who they attracting with that line 'What's your name? What's your sign?' Soon as he buy that wine, I'm gonna creep up from behind..." - B.I.G.

I think that the word "swag" should go the way of "bling bling" and "jiggy". Seriously. Everybody wants to have it, and people pay out of pocket with rent money, grocery money, and whatever else they get their hands on to impress whomever. A guy like me, I come along, and I show a side that most females haven't come across. I can hang with the best of them. I can take a joke and kick one out, too. I have a super nautral high, I'm the party starter, the go-getter, the person to have with you in the club because you know I'm going to do something crazy, and I haven't had one drink. I use my charisma and charm.

I have that in spades.

Because I'm such a charmer, females think that I use it to be naughty. NO. I have no need to. I can tell you upfront what I want, and you'll like it. If you don't, no harm, no foul, I K.I.M. I'm not into the shady business. If a female likes me, she REALLY likes me, not some front or misrepresentation of me.

Someone today asked me if I wanted to "turn my swag on" by bying some chain. I laughed in his face. I don't want "swag". I hope it dies. I killed it for me. I don't need it. I don't feel the need to be socially accepted by my peers. I could care less if you "hate" me or not. I don't need money or a fancy car or something outrageous to be myself. I'm just charismatic to say the least. Charming at best.

And your girl likes it. As a matter of fact, she loves it. Ask her about me.

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Dioracat said...

*thumbs way way up*

Darius Sinclair™ said...

Thanks for the insight dog.

The Strength said...

"...charismatic to say the least. Charming at best." Quoted for truth.

TangoMega said...

Now that's what I'm talking about. I don't want to come off as the hypocrite since I might contribute an article to a site called NerdWithSwag.com (I do cringe when I read the name, but I get his point and the guy who runs it is really kewl), but the word and it's connotations became distasteful to me right around the SuperBowl. I heard it used so much, I said "yeah, we killed it." It's dead. I don't say that in an effort to be 'kewl', I'm saying if it takes swag to BE kewl, then I just ain't kewl. Full stop.

-ere'bodee's favorite mega, blogninja

DopeAlicious said...

niiiice! it's a shame that most dudes don't understand the appeal of a natural charmer, a dude that just knows how to 'be.'


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