Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 91

you're wrong about me
i'm no hero
i'm no buddy or pal, or friend
i'm not number one, i'm just a zero

some men fall for the ass, i fall for the eyes
some fall for the breasts, i fall for the brain
some fall for the sex, is that a surprise
i fall for the lips and kisses in the rain

my growth is stunted, no more friends
can't handle the responsibility, or i can, just don't
see, this isn't how it was supposed to end
i'm looking for more will than won't

keep the memories, i don't want them
keep the comments, they aren't needed
keep the hugs, save them for him
keep the pain, it needs to be treated

i had a dream, but it went down the pipe
i had some fun, you remember that night
i had some hope, but i picked it too ripe
i mean you're happy with him, right

no more friends, i have enough
call back tomorrow, i'm out of time
ask how i'm doing, not too tough
i just need 1 person to actually be mine

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1 comment:

Jazz said...

Hmmmm we seem to be on the same page,with other people in our lives, you just spit it in a different way. I likes. You my kinda spitter buddy! (yeah spitter sounds nasty,lol)


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