Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 97

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Thoughts: Twitter has ruined my social life and the way I converse with people.

Hear me out. This is a conversation I had with Diora on AIM:

Me: I just sent an answer to your question on Twitter.
Her: Ok, cool, I'll go read it.
Me: Wait. Is there a reason why we can't have this conversation here on AIM?
Her: Because we're talking about something different on Twitter. No need to mix conversations.
Me: Er, ok. So anyway...

I have had 4 convos like this in the past 3 days. I've been ON THE PHONE with my brother, and will still send him a tweet.

I get mad when I see the Fail Whale. I hate the fact that I was tweeting (that sounds so... I don't know, glowstick-like to me) during Wrestlemania 25 and it deleted ALL of them. I don't like the fact that people won't call me, nor text me, they'll just twitter me. And I embrace it. Fully.

I have met some wonderful people on Twitter. But I think it's replacing the way people converse now. It's like, now, in order to get my point across, I have to do it in 140 characters or less.

They call it micro-blogging. I call it an exhibitionist's playground. Or voyeuristic playground, whichever you prefer. You can tell the whole world what you're doing at THAT EXACT MOMENT.

"I'm in hour 12 of my 36 hour tantric sex marathon!" @iamdiddy
"I'm taking a huge shit right now. It feels so good." @somebody_I_decided_to_unfollow_for_that_crap

It's getting to the point where... I feel like... why bother? Why did I sign up for this? Granted, I signed up LONG before it got popular. But now it feels like MySpace or Facebook where you have your actual friends, and then you've got people who you thought were interesting, and you've got your celebs. On the flip side, you've got the "I need to be SUPER popular on the internet, because I don't have friends in the real world, so let me follow EVERYBODY!" people.

I don't know. I just felt like it changed the way people communicate with each other. Instead of having something profound to say, it's all about who can out-tweet the other person. Who can have the best conversation with as many people as possible.

In less than 140 characters.

By the way, follow me @shehateme.

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JanaiChristian said...

LOL!! You love it! Like I said on Twitter earlier (lol) once the wanna be rappers and all that other crap comes over I quit...

She Hate Me said...

I can dig that. If it wasn't for the fact that I had friends overseas that I can keep in touch with, I would've deleted my MySpace ages ago.

Same goes for Twitter. They already prostituting up here, we just need for the wack rappers to come through.

Dioracat said...

'Scuse me. Please wait for me to get back to you on Blogger without talking to me first about it on AIM or Twitter.


NaturallyAlise said...

most of the people i know on twitter that i grew up with have unfollowed me, dang if I only knew it was that easy to rid my life of those folks, lol


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