Monday, May 11, 2009

Message left...

She told me she love me, I said she lies

She said how do you know

I said I saw it in your eyes

A couple of weeks ago was the first time

You already stole my heart, now you're committing another crime

Killing the one thing I don't have two of

Can't call the doc and order a new one

Get the broom and dustpan, sweep up the pieces

If this was a fight, let me tap out, you won

If there is a light, it's too far away

For me to see, this tunnel is too dark

Can't say I'll live another day

All I see is two contrasts that's too stark

You say you miss me, I shake my head no

You say you want to kiss me, I shrug and say so

What if you do, where does that place me

Am I your anchor, or do I lead you out to sea

Am I your Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now

Or Mr. Never Was, you tell me how

I can't seem to leave you alone

But when I call... you're never at home

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