Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 170

30 post in thiry dsay

30 random factds about em,

Fin fact #20: I', drunk/

I done really drunl a; lot. not all the tiem. BUt ewhn ZI wdo drnk and im,s\tresed, I rtend to drink m,ore than necessary.

So, I drujnk a vouple shot of patron. Like mqaybe a bottle. o=r 2.

My type is jacked. I think thart I cant type wile drunk. This is not a joke post I really am wasted.

o had some shit on my chest I had to get odff. I love my women, all of them, but I have noen.

I'm a simople dude. I dont do much. Havent been in a real relationshiop in like 5 years. I miss being close with someone. Wow, the red linse ddint sdhow ujp in that senctence.

I love Twin, that ios my heart. She she means ecverything to me, and i want her to get herself strainght so we can try to be togehtr.

damn, mu psot inconherent as shit. shit.

I;m passing out now. bye m,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmvh yk

Um,f un fact numer 20.: I drink. but not enoguht ot get drunk.

1 comment:

DopeAlicious said...

Thank God I'm fluent in drunkspeak. i understand it all perfectly well lol


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