Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 173

Fun Fact #23: I love to have interesting conversations.

I think that's the reason why I love Twitter. Once you weed through the daily speak about celebrities that you could care less about, you can find some interesting things to talk about. For example, right now I am carrying on a lot of different conversations; video games, areolas, who on Twitter that can get it, favorite producers of hip-hop music, how much I didn't hop on the Drake train, talking to my sister about cooking, etc.

Sure, to some, those conversations seem trivial. The problem comes in that the really good convos happen during the day, and I'm a night owl. I also work early in the morning, so I have to try to get involved in a conversation that'll hold my interest and pass my time.

It's seems funny, 5 years ago, I couldn't peel my eyes away from the TV and was only on the internet when I needed something. Now, I don't own a TV and my job/s has me on the internet 24/7. So I need to do something to pass the time while brainstorming (WHAT?!? I'm a Gem, I multitask) and while writing.

That's one thing that stands out when I go out on dates; the convo. If we can talk about how PETA has lost it's damn mind over an insect (which ISN'T an animal, go back to biology to learn some more), how the Iranian president is no different than the one we had in 2004, or how the closing of GM affects EVERYBODY and not just the workers, then that really sticks with me long after we part ways.

I just like to talk, I like to pick people's brains, I like to see what a certain group of people think about a particular subject. It's inbred in me, I have to communicate. I'm a communicator.

So, communicate with me. Ask me something, tell me something, it doesn't matter. Get involved. Be a team player. I don't bite, I promise. Unless you're a female and you ask me to. And even then, I only nibble.

Fun Fact #23: I love to have interesting conversations.

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Quintin said...

Okay remember this when you get trapped into a conversation at work on the merits of Tyler Perrys work and how they benefit the African-American community. I am going to laugh my ass off.

NaturallyAlise said...

I absolutely love watching your various twitter conversations... I also feel the same way about the fun of Twitter conversations, because you get to multitask so many convos at once and meet some very cool folks in the process...


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