Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 153

30 posts in thirty days.

30 random facts about me.

Fun Fact #3: I love short women.

I do.

I have a thing for women 5'4" and under. It's like... you just want to pick them up and carry them away. There's nothing wrong with my tall women, don't get it twisted.

But I love short women.

Maybe it's because the thighs look more pronounced on a short woman (see Fun Fact #1 for how I feel about thighs). I love it. The Leo was only 4'10". The Virgo was slightly an inch taller.

Lately, I've branched out, started looking at women taller than that. The Enigma is 5'7". The Addiction is 5'6". Hell, Princess Mary is 6'0". Mind you, part of the reason why I like short women might have to do with the fact that I'm only 5'9". I'm short myself. The other part?

Let's just say with a short woman, I can get creative in the bedroom. Heels just add to the excitement, and they still only gain about 3 inches, max.

So there you have it. Fun Fact #3 about the Big O: I love short women.

P.S. If you're reading this, and you're shorter than 5'4", holla at me at (757) 29- wait, this is the internet. Never mind.

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DopeAlicious said...

The Leo was only 4'10"

I would have thought we met had you said 5'1" lol. so i see so far that you like short, thick thighed, georgia clay women...i like how this 30 days of blogging is unfolding!

Dioracat said...

Say word.

And that word is: SPINNERS.

Or...the position: HELICOPTER!


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