Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 235 (Egg Nog)

This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. - Winston Churchill

Ex Girl

I wanted to title this next girl
But this is really about my ex girl
Who lead me to my next girl
Well, welcome to my world
Where the women are wonderful
But only in the beginning
I start with two strikes down in the 9th inning
We sat in her house that night, passion at a steady pace
Too busy not watching movies, not busy enough sucking face
She's getting hot, her breath is getting heavy
I got her engine running, she's purring pretty steady
And I haven't even pet the kitten, yet it's meowing
Hands on her bra strap, seeing what she's allowing
Time to stop idling, put my foot on the gas
I wonder what she'll say if I put my hand on her ass
She doesn't stop me, no red light here.
She gets the laser pointer, "Hey, kiss me right here"
I happily oblige, I'm about to do my duty
Hands live south, touching on more than her booty
Scratch that, those are just thoughts
What really happened is she got caught
With her pants down in what I thought was her house
While I getting her naked on what I thought was her couch
But it's really her husband's, the one that didn't exist
Until 20 seconds ago, now I'm getting pissed
He's pointing at me, as if I started the tryst
I calmly explain to him what was sure to be the twist
It's not like I knew where y'all lived beforehand
And stop acting as if you have a backup plan
Because what happens seems to come full circle, right
You think I'm brand new, I met you on a different night
About 8 years ago, when I came to my then woman's palace
And she was screaming 'eat me' as if you were Alice
And she was the cake, but I crashed the mad tea
Party as if I belonged there, see we
Were supposed to be together now, wanted to have a kid
Deep into life, and now you're about to blow your lid
Top, brain out, shoot off at the mouth about
How powerful you are, and how you got some clout
Now you throw a tantrum, ready to scream and shout
No need for all that bro, guess what, I'm out
Walked outside, got to my mode of transportation
Sped down the street, very little hesitation
Got to thinking a bit about myself and with some trepidation
Realized that I knew what was my next destination....

And that's all I got... © André 3000

(I wish I didn't have to note this... but NOTE: Fictional. Thanks.)

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