Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 218 (Date Nut)

Yesterday, I dared to struggle. Today, I dare to win. - Bernadette Devlin

Don't know if you remember me, but I remember you.
So I can see the look on your face of "Tell me, who?"
I also remember not one, but two
You and your twin, Fiona, when we got of school at 2
15, minutes of your time is all that I'm asking
Maybe much less, I don't want to be harassing.
But when I had feelings for you that I was masking,
Lying and telling you the truth was some hard multi-tasking.
I will admit that I lied, cause being in lust is hard enough.
But telling you the truth now, that's just being tough.
Still don't remember? OK, what about prom?
When you made your sister try your dress on?
And I came to pick you up for the dance,
but instead, I got Fiona, and I got stuck in a trance.
Because it was something different about you, I could tell.
Of course it was something different, it wasn't you, that hurt like hell.
So I did what was necessary at the time.
I dated your sister, yeah, that was out of line.
But I was her first; story, script, and rhyme.
Now you starting to remember, I can see it in your mind.
She told you everything we did.
She even told you about getting rid of the kid.
And you refused to even believe that was something she hid.
So what? It was just something we did.
But, I digress, that's not the point today.
The point was for me to come and say,
that your twin, your sister, has finally passed away,
7 years after we decided to lay.
And maybe this will cut through the haze,
but when you disowned her because she had AIDS,
maybe you was ready for your own death,
because you know also, that you have it yourself.

(This poem is fictional. I know no one named Fiona or her twin sister. As a matter of fact, I know no females that are twins. I know plenty of male twins, but no female....whatever. The poem is fictional.)

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