Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 217 (Chocolate Ribbon)

“If you wait to do everything until you're sure it's right, you'll probably never do much of anything.” - Win Borden

Why do I feel so gone of the Patron?
This really ain't my zone.
This really ain't my style.
This really ain't my home.
I just reside here, I got so many ideas
My mouth the bottleneck, can't get them out here.
But out here is where I am
And I feel like my life is one big sham.
Too busy looking for a madam that'll settle for the man
But I guess that makes me the person I am.
Invisibility was a flaw and I fixed that problem.
Now I got new issues and I don't know how to solve them.
Should've stuck to being alone and jaded,
For now my heart has grown and faded,
Into a black coal falling into a black hole where nothing that matters could come and save it.
But it takes time and pressure and a little bit of pleasure just to get the diamond out to show we made it.
And the one woman who has rocked my world like the MJ song is so amazing.
She made me play cool and not act like a fool even though our 'tudes were blazing and raging.
So now, here I am, the box is on the table, and my heart won't act right or be still.
Here's my question to her, that's a promise ring, all you gotta do is say you will...

I wrote that 3 weeks ago. Tinkered with it. I wanted it to be impersonal. But it ended up becoming more personal than I imagined.

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NaturallyAlise said...

i love when you write poetry... very interesting little piece there....


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