Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 216 (Butterscotch Ribbon)

A virtuous person promotes agreement. A person without virtue promotes blame. -Lao Tzu

So, real quick, because it's raining, the lights have already went off at work twice, and I want to get this out before midnight.

Have you ever had butterscotch candy? I'm sure you have, at least once. The candy is an... acquired taste. A lot of people like it (those that buy Werther's Original by the bushel) and some that don't.

That, in a nutshell, is me. I'm an acquired taste. Some people get used to me, and want me by the bushel. Others, one convo, and they are turned off by my sarcasm and dry wit.

Here at work today, I encountered a lot of people who got turned off by me, simply because I wasn't in the mood. I was already working longer than I was supposed to (with the fact that I have to be back tomorrow morning, EARLY) and I had a personal situation that I was dealing with.

So, of course, the stupid questions irritated me even more, the supervisors were even more grating, and I was at the short end of my stick. I enabled my sarcasm and I wanted to see how many people could tolerate me.

Answer: Not a whole lot.

I'm a bit much, I can agree to that. Too overbearing, too sweet, good/bad aftertaste. But I am ME. I'm not gonna change because a situation calls for it, no, I'm gonna change the situation because *I* call for it. It's more than enough shape shifters in this world, I don't need to become another one.

I'm just ranting tonight. Feeling a bit like Butterscotch Ribbon.

Not everyone can deal with the taste.

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NaturallyAlise said...

Acquired tastes always fascinate me, I always have to keep on trying until I get it... hardheaded like that :)

She Hate Me said...


Keep right on, hear? ;)

mzphine said...

I just had this SAME conversation yesterday....POW

She Hate Me said...

It's good to have this convo with people. Let them know what to expect.


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