Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 212 (Vanilla)

Everything that has an ending, has a beginning. - Me.

I had an idea for this. You know, spend the month of August doing 31 different posts about me and being more personal than I've ever been. So, I'm putting my idea to action. 31 days. 31 flavors. Let's start with vanilla. Plain, yet gets the job done.

So, here's what happened to me today:

Woke up. Got dressed. Had an important discussion. Went looking for a WalGreens. Finding one, only to realize that it was closed. Waited until they opened, only to find out that they didn't carry what I needed. Found another WalGreens. Got what was needed. Said a tearful goodbye. Stressed all morning day about an outcome that I had no initial control over, but dropped the ball. Went to a cookout late. And I am now writing this.

Yeah, it's plain, but they don't call it Vanilla for nothing.

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ladebelle said...

hmm... can't wait for cookies n' cream or butter pecan or something...

Ain HD said...

I like the concept you're flowing with this month. Very creative. Looking forward to reading your entries this month!


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