Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 228 (Butter Pecan)

It is not enough to conquer; one must also know how to seduce. - Voltaire

Method Man was right.

There really is a skin color that's Butter Pecan. Except she's not Puerto Rican. She's just colored that way. I initially thought her skin was caramel.

I rub her arms. Her back is to me. She snuggles closer, her naked body pressed against mine. She purrs ever so softly. I am holding Ebony.

Two hands rub my back and neck.

It's my wife, Nicole.

This is the aftermath afterglow.

I kiss Ebony on the nape of her neck and roll over. My wife has her eyes closed, but she has a grin on her face. Ebony is snoring softly.

"Did you enjoy us?"

"Did I? Did you feel me? This was... incredible. Wow. My mind is still blown by this. What did I do to deserve this?"

Nicole smiles at me. "You were just you. I have to keep it fresh in the bedroom, otherwise, I might lose you to another woman."

I fake frown. "Another woman? Unless it's Kerry Washington, I'm not going nowhere."

She giggles. I place my face in her neck. "So, how many times did you and Ebony do this beforehand?"

She pushes away from me. "Say what?"

I ask again. She frowns. "No, Shawn, this was a one time deal between me and Ebony. We did this for you, I did this for you. I'm not into women."

Still being playful, I answer "It certainly didn't seem like it, the way you were kissing and touching her. I think you two got each other off more than you did me."

Nicole shifts out of my hold and stands up. "I don't appreciate you coming at me like this, Shawn. After all, this is what you wanted, right? This was your wish, your DREAM. And now, you have it. But did you ever consider how it might make ME feel? I didn't want to kiss her, I didn't want to touch her, and I damn sure didn't want her to touch me!"

I look back at Ebony, who is still asleep. I pull Nicole into the bathroom and close the door. I sharply whisper, "Hey, first of all, I didn't ASK for this. I told you that it was a fantasy of mine, yes, but you also said that you were MORE than willing to do that for the man you love. Don't start twisting my words."

Hot tears run down Nicole's face. "And did you think about me while you was inside of her? While you were going in and out, pulling her hair, slapping her-"

"HEY." My eyes are wide and my voice is sharp. "I get woken up at 3AM for THIS? I didn't ask you to invite your friend, and I didn't ask you if I could have sex with her, you just bring this woman into our home and expect me to perform. I did. What more are you asking for?"

She slaps me. "I am asking for a little bit of consideration from you and you offer me semantics. I am asking you for a reason why you enjoyed having sex with her more than you did me! I saw your face, Shawn. You were loving every second of it. I should blame myself. As a matter of fact, I do. I just let you cheat on me, in front of me. That's my fault."

I rub the side of my face. "I didn't enjoy having sex with her more than you. I made love to you, I just fucked her!" As soon as those cliched words fell out of my mouth, I knew it was too late.

Nicole's eyes widened and she started hitting me. Punches were landing on my face, my chest, the side of my head, everywhere. I tried to talk her down, but she kept swinging. I managed to grab her right arm, but her lefts were coming too fast. She hit me near my right eye, and my heart starts beating faster. I finally catch her left arm mid swing and I push her against the wall mirror. Realizing that she can no longer punch me, she starts kicking me with her french manicured feet. I'm calling her name out over and over again, but she's in berserk mode, not listening to a word I'm saying. Finally, I had enough of the abuse. I spin her around, her face looking into the mirrored wall. I enter her from behind forcefully. She screams, and at first I was scared; scared that I was hurting her. As I was about to stop, she half screams, half moans. My heat builds in my belly, my passion and anger spilling out of me. I let go of her right arm so she could steady herself against the mirror. I grab a handful of her hair and pull her head back so she can look into my eyes.

"Does. This. Feel. Like. I. Enjoyed. Ebony. More? Hmmm? Look. At. Me. Nicole. Look. LOOK." Every word, my phallus is crashing into her, my body rocking into hers. She opens her eyes and stares into mine. My face is hardened; a twisted visage of what was once before a loving and caring face. She moans harder and places both hands on the mirror. She begins to grind into me, throwing herself against me. I am pushing harder than she is, and her head begins to smack the mirror. I slow down, but keep the pressure up. She begins to tighten her walls, creating a vacuumed pressure inside of her. My body, tired from tonight's events, cannot take any more. I feel the rush of orgasm coming. I slap her ass, let go of her hair and place both hands on her hips. There we are, in the middle of our bathroom, pushing and pulling and moaning and screaming. I feel her gush, and at that exact moment, I also come. Nicole moans and starts to shudder. As I being to separate myself from her, I hear the bathroom door creak.

As we look up at the door, we see Ebony, touching herself, bringing herself to climax. She lets out a hum, long and satisfying. Nicole and I stand there, watching, looking bewildered. I start feeling embarrassed and ashamed that I did this in front of Ebony. Ebony opens her eyes and sees us staring at her. A look of shock befalls her face. She turns away.

I let go of Nicole and walk into the bedroom. Ebony is already putting on her clothes. Nicole is standing behind me.

"Ebony, where are you going, sweetie?"

"Nic, I gotta go. I just- I don't belong here."

I intervene. "Wait, if it's about what happened in there, it's nothing to be ashamed of-"

Ebony holds a hand up. "Let me stop you right there, Shawn. While I am not ashamed of exploring my own body, I am saddened that I have brought all of this into your home." She looks at Nicole. "Maybe I was right after all. Maybe you weren't ready for him and me at the same time."

Ebony leaves the bedroom and goes downstairs. I hear the door close.

Nicole puts on a robe and races downstairs to go after her. I sit on the edge of the bed, wondering did I really go through all of that tonight. As I get deeper into my thoughts, I hear the front door open again and close.


As I look up at my bedroom door, I see Nicole and Ebony standing there.

This is getting to be a bit interesting.

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