Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 29 (Paranoia...)

we stopped sexing, paranoia sets in
you stopped texting, are all bets in,
you Funk Flexing, dropped bombs and such,
had the nerve to say that i'm too much, but
it was all good just a week ago
until now i was the numero uno
i'm a bit confused, i don't know what you know
my heart's the new ellen page in alaska, juno
but you know what it was and how it ended
add you to the list of girls that I befriended
kelis in 99, yeah, i'm suspended
between love and lust, and you pretend it
was just another opportunity to make a boy toy
play with my emotions, have fun, say oh, joy
my heart tried a stop loss, the wall was deployed
one quick look at those missiles, my wall was destroyed
your tongue a double agent, quick to join mine
its real team was you, so it stole all my shine
put oil on my plans, super slicked up my grind
now I gotta watch you and him play on primetime

have you lost your mind
anyway, he don't know you (like i do, he'll never know you)
like i do, he'll never know you (anyway, he don't know you)
and it's so true, thinking back to when our skies was blue
had me thinking about rocks that had no hue
and you were thinking about all of that and him, too

you played and blew me like your favorite clarinet
even had me jump back to smoking them cigarettes
scrounging online, finding dates on the internet
looking for a so-so girl that I could get intimate
within the first week, in between the sheets
no coldest winter sista, soldier's making up the heat
at first we're discreet, then in the back seat
then in vicky's dressing room, wash, rinse, repeat
it seeped in my mind like fog through a window
at first you would leave every time the wind blow
and i'm getting paranoid, my emotions in limbo
then you started going to where all the men go
with angel's food cake, but you're so devilish
and those net stockings, catching the bigger fish
i prayed the stars fell harder, i needed a bigger wish
no more help for the hamburger, you needed a bigger dish

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