Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 28

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Thoughts: So, I've been asked about my crush. Not my Nia Long crush, come on, everybody knows about that. No, I mean my SECRET crush. And it's only a secret because I chose not to tell it.

Until now.

Why spill the beans now? Well, because I think that my time for holding stuff in is over.* Besides, unless she comes at me, I can't see myself going at her. Too much history. Let me enlighten you on her.

Her smile melts my heart, every time. New penny colored skin. Deep brown eyes. Nice, full, plump lips. Smart. Quick-witted. I gotta say, the older we get, the more gorgeous she gets. And it's weird, you know, like I ALWAYS wanted to try and talk to her... but she was so... BEAUTIFUL... I couldn't do it. And me, being the overweight, glasses-wearing dork I was in high school (compared to the overweight, glasses-wearing dork I am now? LOL) I never had the courage to even open my mouth and say something, ANYTHING. We were friends, actually, we still are friends. What's really funny is the past 3 times in 10 years I got with somebody serious, she popped right back up in my life, as if to say, "You should really just say something." For 12 years now, I haven't said one word to her, not like that. And I STILL hold a flame for her. She's just... amazing.

Her name, you ask? I'm too embarrassed to say. But she's a gem. And if she ever reads this, she'll know I'm talking about her. She was my addiction. In some ways, she still is.**

There. It's out there. I put it on blast for the world to see. AND I dropped mad hints on who she is.

You happy now? I won't put YOU on blast and say your name and what not, but you can answer my question... writing a blog of your own. HA. Don't worry, I'll wait.

*Actually, I was dared by... a party who's name shall not be mentioned, to speak on my crush. I'll be waiting on that blog, madam.

** And to The Gemini, no need to worry, it's just a crush. So, don't go biting my head off, or keep reminding me of the past, ok? OK.
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