Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 9

Mood: Tired

Mode: Reflective

Thoughts: So, here I am, newly attached. It's weird, I haven't had a relationship like this in a long time. Part of it was I had to find myself, know who I was, before I could let anyone in. It's a slow process, but that's the beauty of it. This time, I'm gonna take it day by day.

She's a good woman. Strong. She likes me, and I like her, too. Makes me feel some kind of way whenever I get a call or a text from her, a good way, of course.

A friend of mine was wondering out loud about people jumping off the mountain. She was thinking about how guys move from one infatuation to the next, and how they twist words around to brighten their favor, when really, what was stated was just that, stated. No deeper meaning or hidden clues.

I'm thinking that maybe she was throwing subliminal jabs at me. LOL

Although, I'm the first to admit, it used to be times, I would pull an Erick Sermon. I used to be quick to jump out the window, especially back in the day.

2 months ago, Love had me so jaded, beat me down so badly, I wouldn't even get with Nia if she asked me. And that's serious. I was ignoring everything that was crossing my path.

Now? I can't say that I'm ready for Love. But I can say I'm open to all the possibilities of what could be, including Love.

If that's jumping off the mountain, consider me suicidal.

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