Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 34

Mood: Cool

Mode: Mirror-ish.

Thoughts: So, I talked to my sister tonight on some real things. She told me something that I knew, but I never took time out to think about.

I am scarred. For life.

But not physical scars. No, these are mental scars, emotional scars, things that I fought for and through, to get where I am right now at this very second. And I say that because I'm a Gemini. I can change in the drop of a hat.

I'm healing quite nicely. Partly because I'm surrounded by some good energy right now. I know there's some people out there who cares and appreciates me. I was told today that I was appreciated. That felt good. Especially since all I was doing was being me.

I'm healing pretty good. Partly because I learn to let things go. I haven't held on to one issue this year. And that feels wonderful. I had problems with letting things in the past go. I would add it to the weight I was already putting on my shoulders.

I'm healing kinda quickly. Partly because I've got goals in mind, things that I'm going to accomplish. Maybe not this year, maybe not this decade, but I will accomplish them. That's the good part. I'm feeling like I can do this, no matter what it is.

But the scars will always be visible. Mainly because I've learned a lesson from every single scar I earned and received.

And I don't want to forget those life lessons.


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