Tuesday, February 24, 2009

MOWNL: Chapter 1

I'm in love.

I know that's not really a way to start off writing something, but it's the truth.

I've been in love with the same woman for 18 years. What's funny is that I'm only 28. So yeah, I've been in love with the same woman since I was 10.

Before I forget, let me apologize to every woman I've ever dated seriously. Sorry, but you were always number two compared to her. I can't help it.

I've rotated my whole life around her. Seriously. My first girlfriend was a girl who looked like her. Not a whole lot, but she favored her a bit. I was building my way up to asking her out. I went ahead in life thinking about her. In middle school, I was dreaming about her, wondering what she was doing when we weren't in each other's presence. In high school, I was cutting class just to go see her, see what she was doing. I supported everything she ever did. I always thought she was the smartest woman in the world, and that she could do nothing wrong.

Look back at what I just wrote, it seems as if I have an obsession with this woman. Well, I do.


I don't want to say it's an obsession, because it makes me seem... stalker-ish. And that's not the case at all. I don't stalk her, but I do see her every chance I get.

Oh, yeah, I meant to tell you who she is. She goes by so many different names. Kat Speakes was how I was introduced to her. Then her name was Brandi. Wait, no, it was Zora. But then, she said her name was Lisa, which wasn't entirely true, because her name was Beulah. Then, I was told Debbie, Nina, Bird (which was a nickname, it was actually Tracy), Myra, Jordan, Donna, Rae, Leslie, Abbie, Karen, Sherry, Sasha, Sandra, Lonette, Suzanne, Annie, and then Vanessa.

But none of those names matter to me. I'm not in love with any of those women. I only have eyes for one woman. My heart flutters for one woman. My mind daydreams about one woman.

Her name is Nitara Carlynn Long. But you know her as Nia.

And this is my story on how I finally married her.

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