Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day 45

Mood: Relaxed

Mode: Chill

Thoughts: You know, 7 people died on this date 80 years ago, over booze, bootlegging, and money.

And somebody's wallet died today from overuse.

It was sad. The wallet didn't have to go that way.

Why do men feel as if they need to go all out on ONE day out of the year? Like, it's really gonna make up for all the B.S. you put your S.O. through the other 364 days out of the year. Listen, I like for people to be consistent. If you're gonna be a cheating, lying, no-good, two-timing asshole, be a cheating, lying, no-good, two-timing asshole all 365 days, not wait until V-Day to 'apologize' with that sorry ass teddy bear, the same teddy bear every other girl in her office received, and some lame ass dinner that you didn't even cook.

Save that money up. Get her a new lease on the relationship, or at least let her out of the current lease.

Moving on, I had an ok day. Woke up to a e-card from Twin, which set my day completely right. Talked to Torri for a LONG time this morning over im, learned a lot in the process. Went to work. Laughed it up with everybody there. Went out to Chilli's with The Gemini. Forget ok, I had a great day.

And it didn't have to be Valentine's Day for me to have a great day, either.

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