Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 73

Mood: Melancholy

Mode: Nextel. Done.

Thoughts: I want off.

I do.

This roller coaster ride has been a blast, really, it has. When it was going up, it was thrilling and exciting, and you could look out for miles and miles, see what was ahead of you, wonder when the next turn of events is gonna be and what they will bring...

Then, here comes the downside. Now, you're scared, heart racing because you don't know what's going to happen next. Stomach feels like it about to come out of your throat. Everything is rushing past you so fast, it's all a blur. You want to be excited, but it's hard because in the back of your mind, anything could go wrong at any time. You're screaming, holding on for dear life, trying to figure out why you even got on this ride in the first place...

And then, here's the upswing. And so on, and so on, ad infinitum.

I just want off. I'm tired. I know how this thing goes. Trust me, I've ridden it enough. No need to get all excited on the first drop, or second, or third. Whee. Been here before. And clocking in at 2 minutes 37 seconds, it's... the end of the ride.

Unbuckle me. Please. I'm tired. I quit.

I don't want to ride anymore rides.

I'm tired of waiting in line.

I'm tired of overpriced admission costs.

I'm tired of being skipped by people.

It's hot out here. There's no shade.

I want to go home.

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1 comment:

Dioracat said...

You sir, sound as tired in general as I am. Of life. Of the world.


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