Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Joy

First and foremost, let me thank Rocky Rivera for inspiring me to write tonight. Much love, ma'am. Thank you for reading.

Forgive me for two things: the absolute rawness and beauty of Pam Grier up there and for the fact I haven't blogged in 5 months.

It was a long and pretty uneventful summer.

Ok, I'm lying. I met someone. Finally. (Cheers and applause all around)

The Joy of being with someone who accepts who you are and embraces your faults is a wonderful feeling. She's amazing, in a way that I've never felt before.

I remember when I was 8. Running around in my British Knights with my friends, playing whatever silly game we came up with. Enjoying the day, laughing and just being content. Being with her... it's like someone took those times and bottled them up and served them to me 21 years later.

The Joy of being with someone as beautiful as she... not just physically. Emotionally. Mentally. It's almost like she's some ethereal angel placed here for me. I look at her and I wonder to myself "How did I get so lucky? What did I do to deserve her? What can I do to keep her?" And she reminds me that we are kindred spirits. We are together because this doesn't just FEEL right, it IS right.

She reminds me of Pam Grier. Strong. Looking into her eyes... there's life there. Joy, even. There's also some vulnerability, but that's what makes her human. That's what makes me more intrigued by her daily. There’s a part of her that is fragile, young, sometimes scared, and I think these are contradictions that attracted me to her. And she makes me very happy. She is very familiar to me and so I can be myself around her, she knows me well, I completely trust her, but at the same time in certain respects she remains a mystery to me. I enjoy her being a mystery to me. It makes me want to try and figure her out. She holds my interest, which, to be honest, is very hard to do.

The Joy of being involved with someone who has become such a staple in your life is something that I hope every one experiences. These are my words to her:

Love may be a lot of things: blind, fleeting, swift, everlasting, impossible to define. Even if this moment ends with you, I thank you from the BOTTOM of my heart for the moment of Love you've given me. Not only did you repair and steal my heart and restored my faith in Love, you've also embedded yourself into my soul. No matter what happens, I'll never let anyone take this Joy from me. I Love you, Honey Bear.

The Joy.

P.S. There's an aside to everything I said. She's got a body like Pam Grier. The Joy of waking up beside her in the morning? Indescribable. *nods head* *thinks about it* *drools*

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