Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 265 (Purple Honey)

Sexuality is at a peak
So let me take a peek
Not at your panties, no
I wanna see your soul so
Open your eyes, look into mine
Give me a moment, everything will be fine
Don't blink, I might not see it
What society wants, I might not be it

But you soul says 'I don't care'
And your eyes say 'Stay right there'
And you're holding my hands tight
And your moan says 'Cancel plans tonight'
And your hips say 'Come closer baby'
And your yoni's wetness is driving me crazy
And it's getting very thick between us, the air.
And I'm dying for another taste of your Purple Honey, that which is so rare.


Missperfect83184 said...

i love it babe! {{hugs}}

JStar said...

I love it...I just wish I could find that man to look into my soul and not focused on my outter beauty...


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