Sunday, September 6, 2009


raw emotion
pure devotion
that's what you wanted right
but it's not enough, like
we have to always fight
like, every other week, ending in goodnight
like, i'm not who i say i am
like, i don't kneel down and pray i am
like, someone better but there's nothing more than
what it was and
since i was at fault i
take it on the up and up man
i mean man up, dude
no need to be rude
to her, she don't deserve
what you're pitching is straight curve
but that's not true
to what you believe, you
want to be there but
you heart is nowhere but
where it wants to be
with her on her pillow
as she weeps and will o
will i keep promises to self and
play background up on the shelf and
make moves in silence and
keep us in balance i
can't keep doing this we
can do better she
thinks i'm ungrateful
so she spits out hateful
things that hurt more
almost as much or
maybe even worse
than that night, i write in verse
because at times i want to curse
myself for our ship's in a hearse
about to buried six feet under dirt
and i do feel hurt but
men don't feel pain
so i am questioning if i'm sane
i promised myself once
to never go here again
yet i find myself
back in the same position
and i find myself wishing
that we could just walk it out
but even then would we talk about
how you treat me now
and how i treated you then
and my treatment now
about you being more than a friend
when all i want is for
this ship to reach shore
but we are sinking too quickly
for us to keep it strictly
at arms length and
i'm losing strength and
my stamina's getting low and
that's the way love go
back to being jaded
thoughts are r rated
ready to be contested
and hotly debated
this is what's left inside
is these words that i scribe
i wish i could stop expecting
and just start accepting
that nothing is ever meant to be
not you, not me, not us, not we...

I can't say any more than that.

*steps back*

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I get what you are saying
But don't let her get you down
Buddhist mentality
What goes around will come around
You have to take into account everything she's got
She's not seeing you for everything you just everything you're not
You're not this
And you're not that
Where's your 5 series BM
You're too fat
First reaction is to diss em and dismiss em
But you love her so you want to hug her and kiss em
But believe it's loss
Get back to making moves to be the boss
She will come back around eventually
Just don't let chasing her outshine all of the cost
Stack cheese like Kraft
Make banks like Chase
Chuck a duece and keep it pushing
Let it blow up in her face


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