Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Questions from the heart... (Or, Side A)

I'm really foreign in this situation
Wait, I mean I'm not familiar with this time and place and
Are you ok? Why did you pick here?
When did you start smoking, and what's up with that beer?
And what's up with that look? I just asked a question
Now you scowling at me, breathing like you stressed and
Sighing like you're depressed and this is just a mess and
Okay, so I lied, but I swear it was for the best and
Now we're at a point where everything isn't cool
Locked me out your heart, have me crying like I'm a fool
OK, so I'm a fool, big deal, I admit it
We argue like crazy and it's only cause you permit it
Get it? There are things you don't really recognize
Just talking about it gives me the bad case of butterflies
I'm so nervous around you, stammering and stuttering
I keep fidgeting and moving, my eyelids are fluttering
Let me start from somewhere, the lies were... mine
Wait, don't get upset, you remember that time
When I told you I love you with all my heart
As long as we're together, even when we're apart?
Well, I still love you, somewhat, hey, don't start
I'm telling you the truth, I'm not playing a part
It's just that my heart is no longer in it to win it
And it seems to me yours has been gone for a minute
OK, that was a tongue trap, and I deserve the slap
But did you really have to pour that beer in my lap?
I've been a good person, I don't deserve this crap
I'm putting space between us bigger than a gap-
Wait, what? The space has been there? Since when?
Oh no, forget that, tell me more about this 'friend'
Is that the reason our relationship can't mend-
Now you answer your phone, this is about to end
I'm sick of all the put-offs, end of discussion
Why should I answer that? And why are you rushing?
Going to see them? NO? So why are you blushing?
Heart is beating faster than a drum band's percussion
I can't believe we're doing this, this is ridiculous
You're acting as if I beat you or gave you Syphilis
Just one more question, and then I'm through
Do you ever wonder why I stopped loving you?

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