Friday, December 19, 2008

Questions from the heart... (Or, Side B)

Here's to hoping this place puts you at ease
Say what? Why is it always you I have to please?
Yes I'm ok, I didn't want to fight
Hey, you got a light? *sigh* I started last night
While you on the phone away and out of sight
And I chose here cause I wanted a beer, alright?
Oh yes, you better believe I'm mad
You want me to stop scowling at you? Guess what? Too bad
I am stressed, depressed, it is a mess, I've been had
But now I know your a liar and for that I am glad
We're way past cool, right now my heart is cold
And stop all that crying, it's getting kinda old
You ARE a fool, I'm happy you see that
Really? I permit it? Is that a fact?
Get what? That all of this is just an act?
"Butterflies in the stomach?" Just an attempt to distract
Hurry up, I don't want to be seen together
Yeah, I remember you talking about forever
What do you mean, SOMEWHAT? I'll start if I want
You saying this to me, what is this, a taunt?
Yeah, I slapped you, yeah, you deserved it
And because the beer was in my hand, yeah you heard it
And just to get you completely out of my hair
I guess you should know that the space has always been there
Since I met my new friend, really I gotta go
It's like you want me to say yes, but my friend is a big no-
Hello? Yeah, I'm done, I'm on the way
Look, I got to go, can we finish another day?
Because I need to go somewhere quickly
No, I'm not going to see them- I'm blushing because strictly
It's none of your business, and stay out my mind
I'm not letting you back in, you won't break me this time
I never got a STD, and you never beat me
We're not breaking up because of how you treat me
There is no new friend, and this next line is true
To answer, maybe because I never loved you

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