Sunday, September 30, 2007

The King Of Wishful Thinking (Or...actually, no "or" this time....)

You got me thinking.
Actually, you got me wishing.

No, really let's start with thinking.

Otherwise, you'll get me drinking.

Do we always say what we mean?

Or do we always mean what we say?

I know that's confusing.

But this isn't me at play.

Or trying to be cryptic as usual.

Did you really love me?

Or are the words you've said,

Just meant to float above me?

I'm always thinking about you.

Work, school, inopportune times.

Awake or sleeping, speeding or creeping.

24/7 I'm reading in between the lines.

Different smiles that you were showing me.

Different ways you were holding me.

I can't explain it, like calling to pay a big bill

It really seems like you always got a hold on me.

Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.

Do you understand that I love you dearly?

Had to go get my eyes checked.

Ordered new glasses just so I could see you clearly.

Was it worth it?

To run back to him to run away again?

Not trying to be funny,

Just wondering when this circle is going to end.

No more misbehaving, you.

No longer a damsel in distress, I can't keep saving you.

You say that you're leaving him, this time for good.

I applaud you, you're doing something that you should….

Don't mind me, I'm still mad at you.

For not doing what you said you would.

I'm lying, why would I be mad?

You're only doing what makes you glad.

Happy, loving, joyful and excited.

I just want our flame to get reignited.

I'm just wishfully thinking.

Or am I thinking wishfully?

I'm wishing I didn't think this much....

I'm thinking that I wish blissfully.

Give me all your wishes, for they are a beautiful and dangerous thing...

I think I wished for too much, which is why now, I'm the King.

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