Saturday, June 23, 2007

The beginning of Summer (Or, how I've learned to stop tripping and be myself)...

I've got a new job. (Hooray for me, Billy! © Chappelle's Show)

And so, begins a new chapter in this thing I call life. It means more money, and a better opportunity for advancement, which is great.

So now, I'm in search for my A.N.G.E.L. What? I gotta start somewhere.

I'm in search for that special someone to spend the summer with, maybe a little longer than that, I'm talking some years.

Everybody is telling me to keep my heart, become something I'm not. I'm no pimp. I'm not a baller, or a player.

I'm just a regular Joe. With a extraordinary sense of humor. And the ability to cook some mean dishes. (No microwave dinners for me) Oh, and I can create some poetry for the masses. Maybe even a book or two.

But that's just it. Since I'm the regular Joe, regular ain't enough no more, women nowadays want the extravagant. the elegant, the extreme. I'm no yes man. But I'm not so stuck in my ways that I'm always right either.

Damn, I'm making this sound like I'm putting out a personal ad. And I'm not saying I'm above that. I'm just saying, I shouldn't have to resort to that.

But I am. (Trust, it's not a last resort. I could go all out and be somebody I'm not, but that's too much like lying...)

And I'm not tripping.

I'll be alright, I can get down with being alone for a hot minute.

But it IS the summertime. And the ladies are looking as fine as ever. Even though it's been 4 years, some girls still on that workout plan. Man, living near VA Beach can cause some issues, especially with women on vacay, women who left their knucklehead of a man cause he hot and wanna fight all the time, and women looking for that hot one-nighter. You can see the issues with that. Women on vacay got to go home, the fall season is right around the corner and that summer thing is over and done with, and one night stands aren't really my thing, with disease, drama, and thieves (yeah, some women is STRAIGHT GRIMEY) out there.

So what is a good brother to do?

Be himself. I got to do me before I can *ahem* do somebody else.

She'll come along. And when she do, I'll knock her socks off, figuratively and literally.

Oh yeah.

What, you didn't know your boy can THROW DOWN?

You better ask about me.


M.Dot. said...

where the hell you been?

neo said...

Some of these women want ready-made men.

and the sad part about it is, some of these ready made men aren't good for 'em, all they got going is dough or social status...

at the end of the day we stick to our guns...


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