Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Soundtrack 2 My Life

First of all, Happy New Year.

Second, thank you for reading. Seriously, it means a lot to me.

Finally, I wanted to explain this year. If you've been a long time reader (or you go into my backlog) you've noticed that my years have "themes" so to speak. 2007 and 2008, I got an idea while watching Dr. Strangelove (Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb). It was a dark comedy, and at that time, I was going to some pretty hilarious things, so all of my titles had an 'or' added to it. 2009, I thought about counting the days until the end of the year... and the end of a lot of other things as well.

Well, this year, I want to do the soundtrack to my life. Every time I post, I want to have a song to go along with the topic. Tonight, I thought about it, and I have a pretty extensive music collection, and I have music that fits every situation.

So, I want you guys to ride with me again this year. It's been a little over 121 hours into the new year, and I feel pretty good. Great, actually. Things are looking up, I got some exciting stuff coming down the pipeline, and finally, today... Atlas shrugged.

I don't feel like I got the weight of the world on my shoulders anymore. I did lose a couple of friends at the turn of the year, but it's for the best; I may have been a cancer to them, and I wouldn't want to impede them in any way. Don't get me wrong; I still love them, and I'll always have their back in anything they do, but I can't deal with the constant BS any longer. Time to focus on ME and what I deserve out of life.

Invisibility has it's perks and flaws; I'm never looked for when I don't want to be; yet, I'm never wanted when I want to be looked for. This year, I intend on becoming comfortable with that.

This is just the beginning. This is my story.

This is the soundtrack to my life.

Now playing: KiD CuDi - Soundtrack 2 My Life
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JStar said...

Everything in life happens for a reason...People are in your life for a reason but not always meant to remain in your life. You have to look out for YOU first and foremost...Happy New Year and I pray this year brings you constant blessings

She Hate Me said...

Thank you, J. I really appreciate (and need) it.

RoByn LaTice said...

This should make for an interesting theme! I look foward to your post this year.!Glad your happy! :)


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