Sunday, June 8, 2008

Flashing Lights Re-Edit (Or, it was a side project I was working on...)

I hope you like it... I do. LOL

In all seriousness, this project started right after the second video appeared. I thought that Charlotte Carter-Allen (the model), was a very beautiful woman, and once I saw the video to completion, I thought that maybe the two videos should be merged into one.

Then the third one appeared. And it threw a monkey wrench into what I was doing.

So, after many edits, starts and restarts, throwaways and give-ups, I finally got a video I was happy with. While I can admit I didn't use the Dinner Mystery video much, it was only because I saw the overall theme of the three videos as KanYe having a case of "the girl who got away" blues.

I did this, not for the replies, not for the fame, but honestly, for my own personal viewing. A friend of mine saw it, and she suggested that I post it online, which I have done here.

Couple of notes:

I know the music starts before the warning disappears, I wanted to go back and sync the music to the car, but the next couple of frames prevented that. Actually, it came out better, as you can see.

The line "wood floors in the new apartment" doesn't sync with KanYe's mouth, that was my editing software, couldn't be helped or altered.

There was a couple of other edits that I wasn't too thrilled with, but I think that's me being overly judgmental of my editing skill.

Let me know what you think. Thanks!

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